Delivery Charge:

Full Buffet:

We provide FREE complete buffet layout with tables and skirting. Warmers, serviettes, disposable cutlery, chilli sauce and trash bag will be provided.

Food best consumed within 2 hours from delivery time.

Mini Buffet:

Mini Buffet does not come with the full buffet set up. It will be served in disposable aluminium trays or microwave container & disposable cutleries.

Mini Buffet food is best consumed within 1 hour from delivery time.
Optional equipment rental:
Stool $1.00/pc
Table with disposable table cloth
Table with white table cloth $7.00/pc
Table with white table cloth & skirting $10.00/pc
House of Catering
51 Bt Batok Crescent #08-22
Unity Centre Singapore 658077
Tel: 6899 4280
Fax: 6899 4260

* CNY Promotion Menu available from 19 Feb - 23 Feb, 26Feb - 2 Mar 2018
* Regular Menu are not available from 9 Feb - 2 Mar 2018

Full Buffet $13.80 (10 Dishes) (min 30 pax)
(Select 10 courses from the menu below)
Increment of order must be in multiple of 5 pax

Delivery charge: $55

Mini Buffet $13.80 (7 Courses) (min 15 pax)
(Select 7 Dishes from the menu below)
Increment of order must be in multiple of 5 pax

Delivery charge: $30

Menu Type
Seafood Fried Bee Hoon (海鲜米粉) OR Pineapple Fried Rice (黄梨炒饭)
Curry Chicken (咖哩鸡) OR Honey Baked Drumlet (蜜汁小腿)
Fish Fillet w/Spring Onion & Ginger (姜葱鱼片) OR Tom Yam Fish Fillet (冬炎鱼片)
Deep Fried Prawn Fritter (酥炸虾球 ) OR Sze Chuan Prawn (四川虾)
Pork Rib King (排骨王) OR Sweet & Sour Pork (咕噜肉)
Cauliflower w/Mushroom (香菇菜花 ) OR Curry Vegetable (咖喱菜)
Steam Siew Mai (烧卖) OR Golden Scallop (黄金带子)
Beancurd w/Crabmeat (蟹肉豆腐) OR Cereal Beancurd (麦片豆腐)
Mango Pudding (芒果布丁) OR Red Bean Ball (红豆沙芝麻球)
Tropical Fruit Punch (杂果水) OR Orange Cordial (橙汁)

Side Order (optional item required additional purchase)

Fa Cai Yu Sheng 发财鱼生 - $28   (Small 8-10 pax) (please specify quantity)
Fa Cai Yu Sheng 发财鱼生 - $38   (Big 10-15 pax) (please specify quantity)

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