We provide FREE complete buffet layout with tables and skirting. Warmers, serviettes, disposable cutlery, chilli sauce and trash bag will be provided.
Optional equipment rental:
Stool $1.00/pc
Foldable Chair with Backrest $2.50/pc
(disposable table cloth)
(white table cloth & skirting)
Delivery Charge $55:
($700 and above FREE) Not applicable during festive seasons

Food best consumed within 2 hours from delivery time.
House of Catering
51 Bt Batok Crescent #08-22
Unity Centre Singapore 658077
Tel: 6815 9119
Fax: 6899 4260
Email: enquiry@houseofcatering.com

Menu Price *

Set A
$10.50 Per Person / Min 40 Persons
(Choose any 8 Dishes)

Set B
$12.50 Per Person / Min 30 Persons

(Choose any 10 Dishes)

*Beverage Compulsory

1. Main Course *
Sin Chow Bee Hoon Yang Chow Fried Rice
Mee Goreng Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
Hong kong Noodle Mee Siam with Egg (Dry)
2. Pastry *
Mixed Fruit Tartlets Mixed Mini Cake
Mini Cream Puff Mini Chocolate Éclair
Indonesia Nonya Kuey Mini Curry Puff
Mixed Mini Bun Mini Swiss Roll
Assorted Mini Pie Egg Tart
3. Dim Sum *
Carrot Cake Steamed Yam Cake
Har Gao Chicken Siew Mai
Char Siew Pau Teo Chew Soon Kueh
Lotus Paste Bun Mushroom Mai
Salted Egg Custard Bun Crystal Dumpling
4. Hot Snack *
Chicken Nugget Cocktail Samosa
Vegetarian Spring Roll Breaded Crab Claw
Deep Fried Guo Tie Deep Fried Xiao Long Bao
Deep Fried Sesame Ball Deep Fried Drumlet
Mini Shrimp Slider Golden Pear Dumpling
5. Cold Snack *
Finger Sandwich (Egg) Finger Sandwich (Cheese)
Finger Sandwich (Tuna) Finger Sandwich (Ham)
6. Dessert *
Almond Jelly with Longan Cocktail Longan with Sea Coconut
Tropical Fresh Fruit Honeydew Sago
Green Bean Soup Hot Cheng Teng
Mango Pudding Yam Paste with Coconut Milk
7. Beverage *
Hot Coffee Hot Tea
Barley Cordial Fruit Punch
Orange Cordial Lemon Cordial

 Side Order (optional item required additional purchase)
  Nonya Otah in Banana Leaf
($1.20 per pc) (min 20 pcs)
(please specify quantity)
  Otah Otah
($0.70 per pc) (min 30 pcs)
(please specify quantity)
  Satay (Chicken / Pork / Mutton / Duck) ($0.70) (min 30 pcs) Chicken pcs / Mutton pcs /
Pork pcs / Duck pcs
  Ketupat ($0.70 each) (please specify quantity)
  Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat $150
  Fried Chilli Crab $120
  Black Pepper Crab $120
  Braised Abalone with Vegetable $120
  Roasted Pig (Big) $398
  Roasted Suckling Pig (Small) $168
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