Rice will be charged at 70 cents per packet

Asian Delight is chargeable @ $2.50 per packet per meal. (only available for dinner customers)

Brown rice is a highly nutritious grain that is good for the heart, aids digestion and may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol. *Available at $1.20 per packet

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Disposable, Hygienic & Convenient Microwavable Food Containers.

  • No added MSG, Healthy Food!
  • Delicious and fresh set meals which are suitable for the whole family are prepared
    in the most hygienic way.
  • Prompt delivery of set meal to your home from Monday to Friday.
    (No service on Public Holidays)
  • Unlimited days of cancellations will be replaced with other days.
  • Low salt, low cholesterol
  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Local Favourites (Asian Delight customers only)
    Hainanese Chicken Rice, Thai Style Pineapple Rice, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sambal Fried Rice, Hong Kong Noodle, Mee Goreng, Stir-Fried Hor Fun and Sin Chow Bee Hoon served on every Wednesday and Friday.
  • No delivery within CBD,industrial and factory areas.
    Please take note 5 or 10 days trial are applicable only for first time customers.

    For 5 or 10 days trial, please take note that order must fulfil a continuous 5 or 10 days cycle
    (no skipping of days)

    Due to condominium rules & regulations. We will apply an additional $17 charge for
    condominium customers. However, this amount will be waived if the food is delivered
    to concierge or guard house instead.

Tingkat Delivery from Monday-Friday
20 Days/Order
Person(s) Family Deluxe Asian Delight
1 $160 $180
2 $220 $260
3 $290 $350
4 $350 $430
5 $420 $520

We have a wide variety of dishes and we change
our menu regularly. We strive to constantly update our menu with new & creative
variations every time!

Home Delivery (Monday - Friday)
Lunch/Dinner Delivery

(Applicable to New Customer only)
10 Days Trial / Order

Person(s) Family Deluxe Asian Delight
1 $90 $100
2 $120 $140
3 $155 $185
4 $185 $225
5 $220 $270
(Applicable to New Customer only)
5 Days Trial / Order
*For 5 days trial, payment has to be made before the
5 days trial begin
Person(s) Family Deluxe Asian Delight
1 $57 $62
2 $72 $82
3 $89.50 $104.50
4 $104.50 $124.50
5 $122 $147
All meal are served in disposable microwaveable containers.
  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Monday - Honey Drumlet
- Steamed Egg with
Mixed Vegetable
- Cabbage with Tang
- Old Cucumber Pork
Rib Soup
- Thai Vegetable
- Deep Fried Crispy
Pork Chop
- Beancurd with Crab
- Curry Vegetable
- Salted Vegetable
Duck Soup
- Breaded Crab Cake
- Curry Chicken
with Potatoes
- Deep Fried Prawn
- Stir Fried Beansprout
with Tau Kwa
- Carrot & Daikon Pork
Rib Soup
- Fried Prawn Roll
- Black Pepper Pork
- Tomato Fish Cake
- Stir Fried Beijing
- Tomato & Egg Soup
- Deep Fried Ngoh
Tuesday - Braised Riblet
- Cereal Fish
- Green Vegetable
- Peanut Chicken Feet
- Fried Shrimp Tofu
- Gong Bao Chicken
- Fu Rong Egg
- Green Vegetable
- Sweet Corn Pork
Rib Soup
- Breaded Cheese
- Sweet & Sour Pork
- Steamed Mincemeat
with Tofu
- Green Vegetable
- Fishball Soup
- Shrimp Spring Roll
- Honey Drumlet
- Braised Beancurd
- Green Vegetable
- Cabbage Pork Rib
- Thai Shrimp Cake
Wednesday Asian Delight:
- Kimchi Fried Rice
- Steamed Chicken
with Mushroom
- Curry Fishball
- Green Vegetable
- Winter Melon Pork
Rib Soup
- Fried Seaweed Ball
Asian Delight:
- Fried Mee Goreng
- Stir Fried Pork Belly
with Cabbage
- Sweet & Sour Fish
- Green Vegetable
- Seaweed Chicken
- Cod Fish Tofu
Asian Delight:
- Nasi Lemak
- Deep Fried Chicken
- Sambal Egg
- Green Vegetable
- Bittergourd Pork
Rib Soup
- Fried Fish Wanton
Asian Delight:
- Hong Kong Noodle
- Sliced Potatoes
with Sliced Pork
- Deep Fried Fish
- Green Vegetable
- Huai San Chicken
- Golden Prawn
Thursday - Pork Rib King
- Steamed Drunken
- Green Vegetable
- Raddish Chicken Soup
- Shrimp Bomb
- Prawn Paste
- Tau Kwa with Leek
- Green Vegetable
- Fresh Watercress
Pork Rib Soup
- Vegetable Roll
- Ginger Sliced Pork
- Sausage with
- Green Vegetable
- Red Date Chicken
- Prawn Twister
- Chicken with
Sesame oil
- Fried Onion Egg
- Green Vegetable
- Bak Kut Teh
- Fried Prawn Ball
Friday Asian Delight:
- Vegetarian Fried Bee
- Black Pepper
- Handmade Crispy
Tofu with Mined Meat
- Green Vegetable
- Lotus Root Pork
Rib Soup
- Deep Fried Chicken
Asian Delight:
- Fried Rice with
- Steamed Minced
Meat with Salted Fish
- Sambal Sotong
- Green Vegetable
- Herbal Chicken Soup
- Squid Cheese Net
Asian Delight:
- Stir Fried Macaroni
- Crispy Chicken Cutlet
with Lemon Sauce
- Fish with Black
Bean Sauce
- Green Vegetable
- Choko with Pork
Rib Soup
- Thai Fish Finger
Asian Delight:
- Yang Zhou Fried Rice
- Sliced Pork with
Special Curry Sauce
- Deep Fried Sotong
- Green Vegetable
- Barley Chicken Soup
- Deep Fried Fishball
with Fish Roe

*Schedule of dishes above only serves as guideline. The actual menu will be given on the first day of delivery.
*Our company reserved the right to change any dish without prior notice.
*Asian Delight is applicatable to Asian Delight Customer only.
*for the latest delivery menu, please feel free to contact us.
*Please noted that payment has to be made before the 5 days trial begin.

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